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CHILD CARE FOUNDATION strives to provide excellent education to all children to enable them to live empowered lives. It is a unique place where people from varied backgrounds come together to be a part of the movement for change. From fresh graduates to corporate professionals, child care foundation is undoubtedly one of the most professionally run non-profits, and focuses on results while recognizing effort. Employees of Child Care Foundation are driven by a sense of purpose and belief that each child can excel. Despite the many challenges they face every day, they are bound by the teamwork, joy, and pride in the work they do and the impact they see. They know that to bring about any change you have to be a part of the change process.

You can become a volunteer of our Foundation after making an application in appropriate form with your contribution of Rs. 1,000/- by cheque in the name of "Child Care Foundation"

Thereafter, we will scrutinize your application and reserve our right to enroll you as a volunteer of our Foundation. After enrolling you as a volunteer of our Foundation we shall give you an Identity Card indicating your name, volunteer code no. and your photo.


Create awareness of the activities of our Foundation.

Collection of funds in cheques and drafts in the name of "Child Care Foundation"

Detect and inform the Foundation of child abuse, child labour in any part accessible to the Foundation.

To attend meetings, conferences wherever and whenever arranged by the Foundation.

The volunteers can suggest their ideas & themes for running the activities of the Foundation to the management which has the right to accept or reject the same.

The management reserves its right to enroll a volunteer or refuse to do the same without giving any notice. The management can remove any volunteer of the Foundation if found to be involved in any activities which are against the interest of the Foundation. After ceased to be a volunteer of the Foundation he/she has to surrender his /her Identity Card to the management within a weeks' time from the date of termination.

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